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11 Tips to Move Without Stress


Are you going to move house and do not want to stress?

Moving is exciting, but the thought of packing everything up and moving it to your new home can be exhausting.

Here are 11 tips from us at Gerah Real Estate Partners that will make your move as stress free as possible!

1. Planning ahead will help to reduce stress.

2. Look at the calendar and choose the best date to make the move. If you can take a few days off to do it, it wouldn’t hurt. If you are a salaried worker you can take a day off that could be paid.

3. Take advantage of the move to thoroughly clean your things and get rid of what you don’t need. Less is more!

4. Remember to make the necessary repairs while the house is empty, it is easier to do so. And take the measurements of your new house to make sure all your furniture fits easily.

5. When packing your things, do it in order. You can number the boxes and take an inventory while doing so. Remember to protect delicate objects andthose of value such as jewelry can be carried by yourself in a bag.

6. If your budget allows it, hire a moving company to facilitate the transfer. At Geräh Real Estate Partners we can recommend a reliable and professional moving company for Madrid.

7. During the transfer, setbacks may arise. Try to take on the situation calmly and positively.

8. Before moving, we recommend you visit your new neighborhood and its surrounding area several times. This way you get to know the places that surround your house such as: pharmacies, supermarkets, shops, among others. You can also calculate the time it takes you to get to work. Knowing these small details can alleviate a lot of stress.

9. Set limits and coordinate quick transfers of your stuff. A well organized move is a successful move!

10. Remember that the move does not end the day you take the boxes to your new home. Unpacking everything into its new place also takes time!

11. Last but not least, take preventative measures to avoid injuring yourself. Moving includes a wide variety of physical activities that can put you at risk such as: the use of stairs, handling tools, electrical installations , among others.

We hope that these tips will be very useful to you. Feel free to leave a comment telling us about your moving experience! Did you use any of these tips when you moved?


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