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7 Tips to Photograph Your Property Professionally

7 Tips Para Fotografiar Tu Inmueble Profesionalmente
You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture your apartment in all its glory

Before putting your house up for sale, you will have investigated the market and most likely you have detected the difference in quality between the presentation of different apartments. Some with very clean and bright photos, and others a bit dark, out of focus or poorly produced. We cannot forget that the photos of our property are the cover and the first impression for a potential client.

In this article I want to show you that you can achieve the best image quality for your home; and without the need for a high investment or professional equipment.

Never forget that photos create the emotional connection with the buyer. This emotional connection will be fundamental to the sale of your house. Also, aesthetic and flawless images generate a large number of views. Remember that most of the photos in the posts of real estate portals are of poor quality, you can stand out by changing this trend!

Photography Tips
(Do it Yourself)

Photography: Professional or done by me?

The answer to this question depends a lot on the advantages of each one. In either case, good, high-quality recordings can be made. The professionals clearly know what they are doing and you will almost never be disappointed by the results. However, if you want to undertake the registration of your property, I recommend that you inform yourself correctly and give it due time so that your photos look like the ones taken by professionals.

Photography: Mobile or digital camera?

One of the most important elements of obtaining good results in terms of the image is its quality in megapixels. Digital cameras will always be the best option, however there are currently many mobile phones that reach more than 12 mp (Megapixels). This in terms of image quality is even comparable with many digital cameras today. 

In the real estate sense, a mobile can be a good option if you are willing to learn and practice! 

To take good captures you will need some tools that I will present to you soon: 

  • SLR Camera and Objectives : Nowadays, getting an SLR camera is not a pipe dream. If you are lucky enough to have one at home, in this article I am going to teach you how to get the most out of it.

 If you don’t have one on hand, ask a friend or family member if they have one and they’ll be sure to say yes!

Objectives: In the case of objectives, SLR cameras have a basic lens that can reach up to 28mm. This focal length works well for real estate. However, if possible, I recommend a slightly wider lens. As are 18mm or 20mm.

  • Tripod : There are very cheap tripods and I recommend it because we will need the stability it offers to be able to compose with the elements of our property and so that moving photos do not appear. In the case of having a reflex camera, it will be put in manual mode “M” and will play with the shutter and aperture of the camera. The longer the shutter is on, the brighter the image will be. The aperture should be left at “F8”, or even “F11” or “F13”, as we want the largest volume of the image to be in focus.

Extra tip: Put the mobile or camera at waist level on a tripod to be able to level the ceiling and floor spaces.

  • Mobile Manual Option : In many current mobiles there is a Manual option in the integrated camera that allows you to personally change the shadow and light of your frame. This option is undoubtedly the best within a mobile. 


Walk through the property and organize your photographs

Before starting to take photos, you have to walk around the property to get used to it and review all possible angles, physical arrangements and turn on some lights. By doing this, the photo shoot will be much more comfortable for you and… you won’t be improvising on the fly!

Open windows, raise blinds and sliders. Prepare the spaces as if you were going to receive guests!

Clean, store and organize.

Many times it happens to us that we want to start with the impetus of the sale or rental and we take the photos when there are still some other box, bucket or some other object that can bother the view in a photographic record of a property. 

We have to check that no objects stand out and try to keep them in cabinets, at least for the photo; This is how we show the neat house and it will look more attractive.


The best option to organize your time and your effort is to make a list of essential photos that you cannot stop taking. Here I will give you a brief example, each person and floor are different and you can take as many as you want. 

  • 2/3 different angles of the rooms. 
  • 2 corners of the kitchen. 
  • 3 angles of the living room.
  • 1 photo of the bathroom (try to capture it all in one shot)
  • 1 photo of the facade.
  • 5 photos of striking details of the property.

Composition and Lighting

A professional advice is to take care and focus on the composition of the images. By this I mean that in all buildings there are angles, cabinets, lights, plants, etc. That can help your property look much better, or rather take advantage of its full potential. 

You have to focus on the lines, symmetry and lighting so that the result is the best possible.


Thank you very much for continuing in our article and we want to conclude that it is possible that you may not achieve the result you want at first, but with experience and little by little you understand the dynamics and the results better! 

If you feel that you need the help of a professional, at Gerah Real Estate Partners we open the doors for you to contact us and we will help you with impeccable professional photography! 

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Editing is a crucial step to bring out the best in each and every one of your photos! If you have a little experience, we recommend the Adobe programs: Lightroom and Photoshop. If you don’t have them, don’t worry, there are many free and mobile options.

Snapseed, Lightroom Mobile, and VSCO are some of the platforms we recommend for sprucing up your images. 

If you do not know very well how any of these applications or editing tools work. We give you one step by step:

1st Fix your “White Balance” temperature. If your image comes out blue, it is ‘cold’ and if it comes out yellow, the opposite. This tool is very easy to use. It has a dropper option that you position it on a surface that is white like a wall and it fixes itself!

2nd Balance exposure and shadows. Basically this part of the process is lighting your area and balancing the light with the shadows. You can raise the shadows to make a more uniform photo look.

3rd Fix inclination with the cropped tool and angles.

Once you’re happy with the result, click save/export and you’ll have your high-quality photos done for you!

Do you need professional photographs?

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