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Analysis of the housing market in Boadilla del Monte in 2023

Análisis vivienda boadilla del monte Geräh Real Estate Partners Portada 2023

Boadilla del Monte is one of the most attractive areas to live and currently has a great demand for housing. In this article we will show you an analysis of the real estate market in Boadilla del Monte for the purchase, sale and rental of homes.

We will begin by analyzing how the offer is with a brief analysis of the inventory of homes available on the market in Boadilla del Monte.


Analysis of the housing market in Boadilla del Monte - Geräh Real Estate real estate in Madrid.

Analysis of the inventory of homes for sale in Boadilla del Monte.

As we can see in this analysis on the inventory of unique homes for sale,  the amount of supply of homes that remain on the market has had a strong increase since mid-2022.

For buyers it is an opportunity to buy a home in a jewel such as Boadilla del Monte at slightly lower prices.

On our YouTube channel , you will find more analysis and studies of the housing market in the Community of Madrid.

Inventory of available homes in Boadilla del Monte - Data by Geräh Real Estate Partners Real estate analysis

Living in Boadilla del Monte

Madrid, like many European capitals, does not enjoy much natural space and leads a stressful pace of life.

People who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city look for options on the outskirts, but which are also just a few minutes from the city center, such as Aravaca, Pozuelo de Alarcón or even Puerta del Hierro .

Boadilla del Monte is a jewel on the outskirts of Madrid that offers that and more.

It is one of the areas that has had the greatest demand, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

It enjoys one of the highest per capita incomes in the Spanish community , with a very low unemployment rate and is one of the safest municipalities in all of Spain .

It is  perfect for young couples with children  who are looking to settle down and live a life in a more natural environment, with tranquility and security. Similarly, it is also an ideal area to retire.

Its real estate offer is full of luxury and spacious and spacious homes.

Let’s keep exploring this gem of an area.

Transport and communication routes of Boadilla del Monte.

Boadilla del Monte is located about 18 kilometers from Madrid. It is right on the M-50 .

It has a modern light metro that communicates with the Aluche area.

It has a network of intercity buses. Lines 571 , 573 and 574 connect directly with Madrid.

Lines 566 , 567 and 575 connect with Pozuelo de Alarcón , Villaviciosa de Odón , Majadahonda and Brunete .

Boadilla del Monte educational offer.

he educational offer offered by Boadilla de Monte has been key when deciding to buy a home for many families with small children and adolescents.

Boadilla offers a wide range of top-level education. It has more than 14 private and 3 public nursery schools . 8 private schools and 5 public. Also with 3 Institutes of secondary education.

The private schools are located in the Viñas Viejas , Parque Boadilla , Mirabal and Bonanza areas .

Also notable are Virgen de Europa , Mirabal , Saint Michael , Trinity , Los Fresnos and Highlands.

Some of the most prestigious subsidized centers are Casvi or Quercus .

Many families from Majadahonda and Las Rozas educate their children in the schools of Boadilla del Monte .

The inhabitants of Boadilla del Monte.

Boadilla has one of the highest per capita income in Spain, followed by Las Rozas and Pozuelo de Alarcón .

It also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Community of Madrid.

In recent years, young families between the ages of 30 and 45, with small children and teenagers, have gone to Boadilla in search of peace and security for their children. 

Another detail is that 16% of its inhabitants work in Boadilla, 52% in Madrid and the rest in the surrounding areas, such as Majadahonda or Las Rozas.


Services in Boadilla del Monte.

Boadilla has all the services to have a high quality of life.

Infante Don Luis , Siglo XXI and Casco Urbano avenues have all the necessary services for day to day.

You can find different options of restaurants, supermarkets, both local and Mercadona, Carrefour, BM and Ahorra Más.

There are different medical centers, public and private.

Also Tobacconists, wine bars, sports centers, gyms and paddle tennis centers.

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Types of housing to buy, sell and rent in Boadilla del Monte.

Continuing with our analysis, we will now see the types of housing on the market for Boadilla del Monte.

According to our market study, Boadilla stands out for its wide offer of villas compared to the offer of flats.

We can ensure that more than half of the homes for sale are chalets, of which almost 50% have 5 or more bedrooms with an area of ​​around 570 m².

They are followed by four-bedroom chalets with a surface area of ​​374 m²  and three-bedroom apartments with 149 m² .

The type of offer for the rental of a home is, for the most part, flats with 3 bedrooms. 

The offer to rent in Boadilla is scarce compared to the offer of homes for sale. 

This obviously affects the price of rentals in the area that continue to rise.

Residential areas in Boadilla del Monte.

We begin by naming the historic urbanizations such as Montepríncipe ,  Mirabal , Parque Boadilla , Las Lomas, Bonanza , Monte de las Encinas , Pino Centinela , Valdecabañas and Valdepastores .

The most recent are Sector C , Residencial Siglo XXI , La Cárcava and Viñas Viejas .

There is a balance in the urban landscape of Boadilla, between the most consolidated areas and the most recent constructions.

Boadilla is considered one of the new construction niches in the area.

If we go to the Historic Center , there is the Town Hall, the local Police and the Palace.

In the center the houses are older and smaller.

Towards the new part of the south of Boadilla we enter the Residencial siglo XXI or also commonly called Sector B.

In these areas, also in Viñas Viejas , we usually find offers for flats, duplexes or penthouses.

The La Cárcava area has recently built chalet-type houses.

Other areas to highlight for chalets are Mirabal del Olivar, Parque Boadilla, Las Lomas, Bonanza, Valdecabañas, Valdepastores, Pino Centinela and Montepríncipe.

Many investors usually buy old villas, demolish them, build a new one and put it on the market.

Price analysis for the purchase/sale of properties in Boadilla del Monte.

Boadilla del Monte has had a considerable price increase. By November 2021, the average price per m²  was €2,600.

By November 2022, the price per  reaches an all-time high, according to the Idealista portal, with €2,840/ m².

But this average price is not homogeneous, for example in Sector B and Valdepastores, there is an average price per  between €3,000/  and €3,500/ m².

The prices in the lease vary depending on many criteria for its valuation.

The price to rent in Boadilla has maintained a stable increase throughout the year 2022 and this trend is expected to continue during 2023.


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Recommendations before buying, selling or renting a home in Boadilla del Monte.

As always, we recommend consulting with experts for any type of real estate transaction. At Geräh Real Estate Partners we are at your disposal.

Due to the high supply in Casas de Boadilla, it is very likely that prices will begin to reach a ceiling in the next quarter.

But we do not see a significant contraction in prices happening in the coming years.

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