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Are you thinking of buying the house where you live for rent?

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Last Monday we met with a client for whom we managed the sale of his house in El Barrio de Puerta de Hierro in Madrid.

At that meeting he asked us to advise him regarding the rent with option to buy. Several times we have been asked this query, and for this reason we have decided to make this guide.


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And you dear reader: Are you thinking of buying the house where you live for rent?


If your answer is yes or you have questions regarding rent with option to buy, we invite you to read this article, which we assure you will be very useful.

For people who live rented in Spain, this legal figure is a way of acquiring a home in which the monthly payments are an advance for the final payment. This is interesting because websites such as Infojobs and Fotocasa have calculated that, “[w]e Spaniards allocate 34% of our payroll to renting an 80-square-meter home.” This figure regards the national average, but in many other capitals the figure can rise up to 50%, as it happens in Madrid or Barcelona.

Faced with this situation, it is normal to ask yourself: Is it worth continuing to rent or is it better to buy?

If you have doubts about whether it is worth buying that home or not, you can consult us at Geräh Real Estate Partners where you will have all the attention you need and you will be able to clarify your doubts about whether it is profitable for you to buy the house where you are renting.

In addition, on the web portal of El País you will find some tips that can help you when making a decision. Here is our summary of rent-to-own with a series of questions and answers:


How do I rent with option to buy?


As a first point, you should know that if you are taking this option into account, you must state it together with the rental contract. It is a mixed contract: On the one hand we have a lease (according to the current Urban Leasing Law) and, on the other, a clause with the option to buy..


What clauses should be included in the Contract?

1. Permanence of the option: the term to execute the right of purchase, it is beneficial to set it taking into account that the maximum would be the duration of the rental. If it is not stated, it will expire at the end of the first year of the rental.

2. Cost of the premium: it is what is paid for the election to be able to buy. Remember that it is not a deposit, if as a tenant you do not exercise your right to purchase, you will not get your money back.

3. The purchase amount: indicated in the contract and must be previously agreed upon, explicitly defined, or well defined how to calculate it.

4. Amounts to be discounted: it must be established what will be discounted from the price that was set and will be part of the total value of the offer.

5. Circumstances for the exercise: it must be established when the purchase is allowed.

6. Results of non-compliance: implies the loss of the right to purchase option.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for both renters and owners?

To take it account…

As we always recommend when acquiring a property, before signing the purchase option, you must request a simple note in the Property Registry. This way you will know the legal status of the property and you will be able to verify that it is free of debts and that the owner is who he says he is.

If you are considering a rent with option to buy and you need help, we invite you to write us in the comments or contact us.


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Article written in collaboration with: Andrea Rodríguez Sánchez


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