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Buy, sell or rent in Majadahonda in 2023

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If you are going to buy, sell or rent in Majadahonda in 2023 and you are interested in knowing its potential, we invite you to read the article until the end.

Shopping centers, bars, discos, golf courses, parks, squares, public and private schools, hospitals, a variety of homes such as chalets and apartments. Perfect for people from Madrid who are looking for peace, quiet, spacious, bright homes, away from the hectic life in Madrid. a place to raise children. All this and more is Majadahonda, a beautiful recent city on the outskirts of Madrid.

Majadahonda, located northwest of Madrid, offers a wide variety of options in terms of shops, shopping centers, transportation, education, health, security, and of course housing. More and more clients ask us if it is advisable to move, buy or invest in Majadahonda and like any successful financial move, it requires a good market study before making the right decision and that is why we are here.

buy sell or rent in Majadahonda in 2023

Majadahonda, a bit of its history.

Majadahonda was always a small town of shepherds and farmers, commercially related to Madrid. At the end of the 18th century, Majadahonda had 800 inhabitants. By the 19th century, the plagues, the bad harvests, the troops of Wellington and the French in 1812 with the Battle of Majadahonda , would leave the city desolate, devastated and with very few buildings standing after the strong battles. Majadahonda managed to get up, but during the Spanish Civil War, it would again be completely devastated due to heavy fighting.

Because of this, the Franco regime would include Madajahonda in its Plan for Devastated Regions. This made it possible to rebuild Majadahonda and give way to its current urban transformation, becoming a residential place, leaving behind its agricultural era.

buy sell or rent in Majadahonda in 2023

Benefits of living in Majadahonda

Developing as a residential area just 18 km northwest of the city of Madrid, Majadahonda became an attractive option for Madrid residents. Above all, after the health crisis, an interest in buying, selling or renting in this city awoke.

The people of Madrid are now looking for a change of environment away from the noise of the capital to a quieter place with spacious, bright and safe housing options.

Let’s see some of the benefits of living in Majadahonda 

Proximity, transport and communication routes in Majadahonda

Majadahonda is connected to Madrid through the A6 or M-503. It has an efficient public transport network. The Cercanías Train service also connects with the C-7 line: Alcalá de Henares – Atocha – Chamartín – Majadahonda – Príncipe Pío/Pitis and the C-10 Villalba – Majadahonda – Príncipe Pío – Chamartín/Pitis.

Accounts with at least four stops for the taxi service that are: Plaza de la Cruz, Hospital Puerta de Hierro, Cercanías Station and El Carralero.

The municipality of Majadahonda has excellent roads and also has 12 kilometers of bicycle lanes for those who wish. Majadahonda has at least 18 rental points with more than 150 bicycles available.

Health services in Majadahonda.

The Puerta de Hierro de Majadahonda University Hospital is the main public hospital in this municipality. It also has the Valle de la Oliva Health Center and the Cerro del Aire Health Center, which depend on the City Council.

Education in Majadahonda.

If there is something that stands out in Majadahonda, it is that it is an ideal place for children. It has a wide educational offer both public and private. It has 14 infant education schools (3 public and 10 private), 8 public infant and primary schools, 5 secondary education institutes where there is also a bilingual institute.

Parks and green areas in Majadahonda.

The municipality has more than 40 parks and green areas where you can do different activities as a family, as a couple, or with your pet to include them in family leisure plans in Majadahonda.

Commercial activity in Majadahonda

In recent years, large shopping centers have been built, such as Centro Oeste, Equinoccio Park, Centro Comercial Milenium and Gran Plaza 2.  

buy sell or rent in Majadahonda in 2023

Residential neighborhoods in Majadahonda

Majadahonda has a variety of housing offers such as flats or chalets. The old town , North Zone , are some areas that have supply and demand. The northwest area of ​​Madrid is one of the most demanded and Majadahonda together with Las Rozas de Madrid, have aroused the interest of the people of Madrid. 

The real estate offer is perfect for young or slightly older families, but it also offers a wide range of luxury homes, including beautiful villas and apartments in high-end estates. Families will live in these houses and will have a variety of leisure activities: restaurants, museums, and hiking trails where they can have fun and relax.

One of the most demanded areas in Majadahonda is the Golf area , located near the urban center, it has sports centers, shopping centers, leisure areas and public and private schools within reach. Monte Pilar is one of the best areas to live in Majadahonda. It is made up of urbanizations and high-end homes. And finally the center of Majadahonda since it is very well connected to the capital and has numerous services and leisure/sports venues.

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If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting in Majadahonda or another place in the community of Madrid, we have the best real estate advice, where our professionals will assist you and advise you to find your perfect home. And if you want to sell your apartment in Majadahonda, we can also help you. In our office we offer you an appointment to meet and understand your case.

Recommendations and data on the real estate market in Majadahonda

Is it time to buy, sell or rent in Majadahonda? In recent years, the price of housing in the capital of Madrid has skyrocketed. For this reason, these areas such as Majadahonda and Aravaca continue to grow at rapid and constant levels.

In the following graph you can see how the real estate market is in Majadahonda. Own study by Geräh Real Esate Partners.

buy sell or rent in Majadahonda in 2023

At the beginning of 2022, the housing inventory had a sharp decline because there was great demand because there were still very low interest mortgages. Since June 2022, the inventory of available homes on the market in Majadahonda had a considerable increase, causing prices to drop a bit, however, it has remained stable between 650 and 700 available homes. If you’re thinking of selling, this may be a good time, but you’ll need to make the most commercial impact of your home to make it stand out from the crowd. Remember to make an assessment with experts before placing a price. If you exaggerate too much in the price, you can have the property for sale for a long time.

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