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Comprehensive Rental Management: Rent your apartment in Madrid safely

Gestión Integral del Alquiler Alquila seguro tu piso en Madrid

If you are the owner of one home or more, surely you have thought about renting that apartment to get profitability and obtain extra income or even live off the rent. Of course it is a good idea, but you will have a series of procedures and obligations as an owner that you will have to comply with. That is why many landlords choose to contract the Integral Rental Management services offered by real estate agents.

What is Integral Rental Management?

The comprehensive rental management service is for those owners who want to rent one or more homes and wish to completely delegate the management or administration of the property for rent to a real estate agency.

There are many reasons why an owner decides to hire a property management service. Either because he wants to keep a distance from the tenant, the first time he rents, he does not have time for all the management and what it implies.

The objective is to help the owner to obtain a high profitability for his lease, creating long-term relationships, protect the property from non-payments, damage to the property and have the best legal help, reducing all costs.

The owner feels his investment is safe and ready to turn a profit.

Comprehensive rental management accompanies you in each of the stages before, during and after renting your home

How does comprehensive rental management work?

Comprehensive rental management accompanies you at each of the stages before, during and after renting your home. It helps you draw up a strategy to achieve your goals.

These objectives may vary depending on the situation of the owner. If you are in financial trouble and need to rent as soon as possible, you will have a different strategy than an investor.

In general, it is sought to rent at the best price in the shortest possible time, ensuring the investment so that it begins to generate profits with high profitability.

Tax relief in Madrid 2023 - New measures - Geräh Real Estate Partners

Before renting your home:

Valuation of your home

The first thing that is done is to value your property. A very thorough market study of the home is made (what state it is in and if it needs repairs, a coat of paint, etc.) and the area (neighborhood, district, municipality, or city and type of property).

Once this study is done, we indicate what is the best price for the house to be rented in the shortest possible time and for what type of tenant.

Prepare the property for rent – ​​Home staging

This is where we begin to prepare the property for rental and attend to visits from potential tenants.

Personal objects that give identity to the house are removed, the necessary repairs are made (pipes, electricity, heating).

We apply home staging , a technique that helps decorate the space that enhances the tenant’s imagination and helps them visualize themselves living in your home.

We recommend this reading if you want to know more about home staging

Professional Real Estate Photography

We, at Geräh, take care of carrying out a professional real estate photo session, because both photography and video are going to be the means through which the tenant will know and be interested in the property.

Documentation and Paperwork

We see that all the documentation of the property is up to date, and if it is not, we begin to update it, such as the energy certificate among others.

Advertisement in real estate portals

It is published in a variety of real estate portals, monitoring and maintaining the ads in the top positions of each of the portals.

Visit management

This service in Geräh, has no cost to the owner. This is where we schedule the visits of potential tenants who passed the pre-screening by phone

Selection of tenants

We make a selection of the tenants who have offered to rent the property and who have demonstrated long-term solvency.

Do you want to know how in Geräh we recommend making the selection of tenants? Click here.

Prepare the rental agreement

With the best legal advice, a contract is made where the owner and the house are shielded from bad intentions and possible problems.

Deposit of the deposit in the IVIMA

Once all the steps and objectives have been completed, the deposit is deposited in the corresponding institution.

Geräh Real Estate Partners we have 0% delinquency, that’s why our guaranteed income is unlimited in months

During the Rental

Change of ownership of services

This service is very important. It is recommended that the services of water, gas, electricity, etc.; pass to the name of the tenant

If you want to know why, click here where we explain in depth why you should do it.

Conflict resolution

Owners and tenants tend to have conflicts for a variety of reasons, which sometimes reach the community of neighbors.

The Comprehensive Rental Management, begins to work to find a quick and peaceful resolution that does not increase the problem. It represents you, your property and your interests.

Incident insurance, repairs and accidents.

Properties over time suffer damage, breakdown or wear. With Geräh Management, you have insurance that will take care of those necessary repairs that do not bother your tenant.

We recommend you do the following reading on the problems between landlords and tenants.

default insurance

Non-payment insurance is a necessary tool nowadays and very little known by the Spanish owners of rental homes. It allows you to protect yourself from non-payment by the tenant.

Here we explain how it works in an extended way

Guaranteed rent – ​​Get paid on the 5th of each month

You will have the payment of your rent month by month, whether the tenant pays or not. At Geräh Real Estate Partners we have 0% delinquency , which is why our guaranteed income is unlimited in months. 

Other real estate agents offer it for a maximum of 12 months.

Geräh Real Estate Partners secure income
Rent your house, flat, or chalet at the best price and with NON-PAYMENT INSURANCE and INCIDENTS – Click here for more information

After the rental

After the lease with the tenant ends, the following process begins.

It is good to remember that legal advice is there before, during and after renting the house .

floor review

We begin to do a thorough review of the property, ready to hand it over to the owner or the next tenant.

Refund of the deposit

We carry out this procedure without complications and complete the return of the deposit deposited in the IVIMA

to the next tenant

We carry out the process again, but with benefits for now being a Geräh client.

We go on sale

If instead of renting you prefer to sell your property, we can help you with the entire process, but for the sale 

Do you want to hire a comprehensive rental management from Geräh Real Estate Partners?

Managing a property for rent involves time and headaches. Comprehensive rental management eases your mind, takes your worries away while you let the real estate agency take care of everything.

Click here, enter the following page, fill out the form.

Landlord How Rent Default Insurance Works

Start living off your rent while we work for you and your property.

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