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Conde de Orgaz, a place to live, an oasis in Madrid. know him.

What would you tell me if I told you that in Madrid there is a place where you can have a spacious villa in an area surrounded by privacy, tranquility, recreational areas, educational centers of a very good level and with fast roads to get to the center of the city? Well, it does exist and it is called Parque Conde de Orgaz.


Located to the south of the Hortaleza district, El Barrio Conde de Orgaz is a neighborhood that has more than 13 thousand inhabitants surrounded by a space that is distributed among beautiful villas, buildings of different heights, shopping centers, places for leisure and culture.


A privileged place that will allow you to escape from the center without having to lose proximity and accessibility to visit it, do your shopping, walk the streets or visit museums and in the afternoon return home, to your calm, to your private paradise.

A neighborhood for families

Conde de Orgaz is a place that we recommend for families who want to enjoy having a chalet, a garden, being out of the hustle and bustle of the center, but without leaving Madrid. It is perfect for those who wish not to have to travel far to the suburbs, but seek tranquility, security and exclusivity, surrounded by good sports, educational and commercial facilities.

Well connected to the center of Madrid. 

Conde de Orgaz is quickly communicated by the M 30, through which it is easy to reach any point of the city in a few minutes by car. It also has easy access to the M 40 and M 11 tracks. It is also well communicated with the 120, 122 and 77 buses. If you prefer to use the metro, you will find the Arturo Soria line 4 station. As you can see, it is an area that offers different alternatives to walk or drive.

Green areas. 

If the Conde Orgaz neighborhood can boast of anything, it is being one of the areas of Madrid with the greatest number of parks, vegetation, and cleaner and healthier air. It is not for nothing that it is known as the “Vegetable Lung of Madrid”, something for which its inhabitants boast with pride.

The neighborhood has ideal spaces to practice sports. The parks also offer a safe space for the little ones in the house to play in them, which benefits them in their growth and development. If you are one of those who likes to read in the shade of a tree on a Sunday, parks like El Capricho or Juan Carlos II are the place for you.

The neighbors care about the environment, they are aware that their green areas help clean the air, as well as revalue it as a residential area. A perfect place for those who enjoy their tranquility and away from the noise of the center.


As you will see, Conde de Orgaz offers many options for family life. Educational centers become a priority for parents when choosing a house, but forget that you will have to make long trips to take your children to school, because Conde de Orgaz gives you options to choose the best school for your children.

Institutions such as the Conde Orgaz French Lyceum School, the Montessori School and the Nuestra Señora de Santa María School, all of them with a high educational level, bilingual and with a very complete formation. Certainly, the difficult thing here is choosing, because all three are highly prestigious schools.

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Shopping & Leisure

You have within your reach a large number of shopping centers such as the Arturo Soria Shopping Center, Hipercor in Campo de las Naciones or the Gran Vía Shopping Center in Hortaleza. It has a wide variety of restaurants, shops, movie theaters or venues to enjoy with friends or family. Also behind Machu Pichu Avenue, in the Avenida de los Andes area, is the Corte Inglés Shopping Center with also many restaurants and gastronomy.

Most of the people who live in Conde de Orgaz have 2 cars, although you have all the shops you need very close, you also have the metro just a 10-15 minute walk away.


Conde Orgaz has tennis courts, swimming pools, paddle tennis courts and soccer fields, spaces to practice rugby, gyms, fitness centers and parks to practice any activity, run or walk. 

What do you like Count of Orgaz? As you can see, it is an incredibly quiet and safe neighborhood despite its proximity to the center. The neighborhood even has its own private security.

What is the budget to buy or rent in Conde de Orgaz?

Although prices may vary a bit, the rental budget is on average €3,500-4,000 per month. For purchase, prices range from €1.2-1.5 million. It is always good to get advice to know how the market is doing when making a financial move, and even more when buying or renting a house.

From Geräh Real Estate Partners we have prepared a graph of the evolution of the inventory of houses for sale in Conde de Orgás, from June 2021 to April 2022. You can see it below:


Knowing the inventory of properties for sale in any neighborhood allows you to make the best decisions about whether to buy or sell at any given time. If inventory is declining, it means that there is more demand than supply, which causes prices to fall. If inventory is increasing, the opposite is true. You can expand more information in this video where we analyze this important real estate indicator.

If you want advice from experts in the Conde de Orgaz Park, do not hesitate to contact us  


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And if you are interested in obtaining a House and being part of the select group of owners of Parque Conde de Orgaz, we have the perfect home for you.


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Article written in collaboration with Pablo Quintero

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