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El Retiro, a luxury area in Madrid. Know its attractions

Today we will enter one of the most attractive districts for a healthy and active life. El Retiro, a luxury residential district in the center of Madrid and an area of ​​expertise for Geräh Real Estate in recent years. It is an area where we have had the largest rents, and we simply love working for El Retiro. 

The attractions in El Retiro

Along with emblematic neighborhoods such as Goya in the Salamanca district, El Retiro is positioned as one of the most privileged areas of Madrid due to its incredible cultural dynamism, leisure offers and above all for being the best green area in Madrid, as it says . its name, El Retiro Park or El Buen Retiro . El Retiro is one of the most exclusive areas within central Madrid, it has been a key point of residence for the upper class of Madrid, concentrating around Avenida de Mendez Pelayo street and the emblematic Alcalá street.


Perfect for both young and slightly older families. Its incredible variety in restaurants, museums, galleries and shops. They make El Retiro one of the most demanded areas in all of Madrid. Personally, I have always heard that Salamanca is the dream neighborhood in Madrid, but El Retiro has the heart of Geräh Real Estate, it seems more natural, more dynamic and above all more social.


Being one of the attractive areas for both locals and tourists, it has an excellent public transport network. You can find bus stops at all the exits from the Retiro Park and, basically, on every street in this neighbourhood. Regarding the metro, it is an area with a variety of options. We have line 2 with Goya, line 9 with Ibiza and line 6 with Sainz de Baranda. In short, we can go anywhere from El Retiro, and we can reach this neighborhood from anywhere.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

This fantastic area offers a wide range of homes, both penthouses and apartments that attract new families to the neighborhood. If you are interested in moving to this neighborhood or if you want to sell your property we can help you.


It should be noted that there are several restaurants, from the most neighborhood, to the fantastic Ramses with its beautiful terrace. Another restaurant that you cannot stop trying is Florida Park. A luxury restaurant in the middle of the Retiro park. A very satisfying and interesting experience.


If you are looking to move to a larger space, to a nicer area or just want to know options; At Geräh Real Estate we can help you find the best option in El Retiro that you like so much.

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To finish this article, we will leave some questions that we are frequently asked about El Retiro and some curious facts about the area.


Is it very expensive to move to the El Retiro neighborhood?


The answer is not a simple yes or no. It varies depending on each profile. In our experience, if you are a young person who wants to move in with some buddies and they are studying or starting the process of working. This area can be a little more expensive than others, however, if you compare the prices of the center of Madrid (Opera, Plaza Mayor or the Barrio de las Letras) with the price of El Retiro, you will be surprised that you can get more affordable options and newer flooring.


In the case of the luxury market, we can safely say that prices are competitive. Currently the most expensive neighborhoods in terms of luxury and status are in the Salamanca District, next to Puerta de Hierro or Pozuelo de Alarcón. Therefore, El Retiro is clearly not the cheapest neighborhood, but between luxury and price, this area is one of the most demanded due to these requirements and friendlier prices.

Is it time to buy or sell in El Retiro 2022?

In general, the markets are in a moment of uncertainty to know when, how and where to invest in the purchase or sale of a property due to a variety of economic factors. The real estate market in Spain is not in a bad moment, but we do recommend having a good strategy such as monitoring the behavior of the market.

One of the economic measures that we use the most at Geräh Real Estate is the Inventory of Properties available for sale. We can see it from city to city, from district to district and from neighborhood to neighborhood.

In the following graph, we can see how in the El Retiro District the supply of available homes on the market has increased a lot, it is possible that if demand falls, prices could stagnate in a few months. Therefore, if you are going to sell a home, the time is now. If you are going to buy (depending on whether it is for housing, investment or another purpose) and time is with you, you can wait or when you go to buy you can negotiate the apartment at a price that is more attractive to you.

Is the Retiro a safe area in Madrid?

Like many neighborhoods and districts in Madrid, El Retiro is very safe, since so many people pass through it, the movement of police officers is constant, so the streets are always monitored and safe.


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Written in collaboration with Pablo Quintero

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