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Facts about a Real Estate Advisor and Personal Shopper

What is a Professional Real Estate Advisor?

It is a person delegated to carry out the commercialization of the property, whether to rent or sell. They carry out all the procedures to close the operation of the house smoothly.

The advisor must be aware of the legal situation of the property, collect all relevant documents and confirm the status of the property, and ensure service payments are up to date.

This professional knows the market price of the property and provides advice to the buyer and seller.

What is a Real Estate Personal Shopper?

“It is the professional who defends the interests of one of the parties involved in a real estate operation, that of the buyer. That is to say, he goes from intermediation, as we have understood it until now in the traditional real estate sector. to the representation of only one of the parties”.

Explains Enric Jiménez, president of the Spanish Association of Real Estate Personal Shopper (AEPSI).

In Spain since 2010 this figure exists to accompany the buyer in the process of buying a property.


Functions of the Professional Real Estate Advisor

1 To be the mediator in the purchase or rental of a home, provides immediate and complete assistance.

2 Apply marketing strategies such as using advertising in magazines or the Internet to attract potential buyers.

3 Always be available when customers need to ask you any questions. As well as supervising the purchase or sale process and accompanying both parties until the purchase-sale of the property.

4 The advisor has tools to carry out the valuation of the property. Setting the price of a property goes beyond comparing prices between recently sold houses. The advisor explains the factors for the valuation of a property.

Funtions of The Real Estate Personal Shopper

1 To be each of the parties (seller and buyer) personal representative.

2 The service is global, it accompanies you throughout the purchase process. The characteristics of the home that the client wants and the prices at which it can be adjusted are studied and from there the process of searching for the perfect home begins.

3 Upon finding the home, a technical and legal service is offered, which investigates whether the home complies with regulations, is up to date on taxes, among others.

4 Advises at the time of signing the contracts. He makes sure that it does not include illegal clauses and is in charge of document management for the notary’s office.

“The Spanish Association of Real Estate Personal Shopper already has more than fifty members, but it is estimated that in all of Spain there are currently more than 500 real estate personal shoppers, between those who dedicate themselves to it exclusively and the real estate agencies that also offer this service. ”.

Habitaclia says.



Four reasons to hire a Real Estate Advisor

1 It will simplify the process related to the sale or rental of your property. Advertising through digital media is a key tool to attract clients, and the consultant is trained to know where are the best places to publish.

2 By hiring an advisor you save time since they are in charge of promoting the property.

3 The advisor will help you update your documents and inform you about which ones you need.

4 By hiring agencies you avoid possible fraud and scams. The advisor reviews and verifies the documents of your buyer or tenant so that the entire process is safe. In turn, it protects the buyer or tenant by verifying that the documentation of what is being sold or rented is in perfect order.

Four reasons to hire a Real Estate Personal Shopper Agent

1 Saves the buyer 70% of the visits made with a traditional real estate agent.

2 Clarifies and handles the technical and legal reports. They will conduct a preliminary investigation of the home.

3 You save between 5% and 20% of the starting price of the property.

4 They will gain an advantage for the buyer, process the payment of taxes, are responsible for taking the documentation to the notary and then to the property registry. This only leaves the responsibility of signing the documents of the sale to the buyer, everything else is covered.



The professional fees that you must pay to a Real Estate Advisor or Real Estate Personal Shopper are compensated with the peace of mind you gain and the less time you invest in the process.


At Geräh Real Estate Partners we are at your disposal with these two services as a real estate agency in Madrid, if you need to buy, rent or sell, do not hesitate to contact us.

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