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Get to Know the Salamanca Neighborhood and Its Attractions

Conoce el Barrio de Salamanca y sus atractivos - Gerah Real Estate Partners Museo Lázaró Galdiano Madrid

The features that differentiate the Salamanca neighborhood are notable, such as: the stately facades, extensive avenues, antique shops, gardens, restaurants, terraces, the best fashion firms, museums, and more.

We cannot leave aside the people who inhabit its emblematic streets. This makes visiting the neighborhood essential if you visit the capital of Spain or if you want to live in the area.

The construction of the neighborhood dates back to the second half of the 19th century and corresponds to the urban expansion carried out during the reign of Elizabeth II. The namesake of the neighborhood comes from, “… José de Salamanca y Mayol, Marquis of Salamanca, from Malaga, who conceived a new location with a careful building that would house the aristocratic and bourgeois classes of Madrid” (Source: esmadrid). It is characterized by its perpendicular streets, architectural quality, and beautiful facades.

In Spain, the last decade has seen a high level of investment in city infrastructure. From skyscrapers to the AVE, which is a high-speed train that connects Madrid with other major Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Valencia in less than four hours.

Many Madrilenians are not originally from Madrid, which makes the city open and welcoming for those who come here.

For the last fifty years, Salamanca has blossomed into a great residential area with swirls or business, diplomacy, and commercial use seeing as it is the most important areas for fashion in Madrid.

What can you do in Salamanca?

1 Visit museums

If you are an art lover you can visit the Lázaro Galdiano museum. You will be surprised!

Another museum that we recommend is the National Archaeological Museum, which holds pieces of great value. You can also visit the National Library next door, with interesting exhibitions.

2 Go to parks and on walks

If you love to walk, the Salamanca neighborhood is ideal. Streets such as Príncipe de Vergara, Velázquez, and Serrano will take you to El Retiro Park, where you can disconnect from the stress of everyday life.

On the way, we recommend passing through Ortega y Gasset or Goya streets. On the famous Golden Mile are the exhibitions of the best fashion firms such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, as well as jewelers such as Bulgari, Cartier, Tous or Tiffany.

3 Eat delicious foods in restaurants and terraces

We recommend Calle Juan Bravo, where there is a boulevard with terraces for all tastes.

Some of the many fantastic dishes you can find in the neighborhood are: a delicious rice in the St. James's rice restaurant, a delicious pasta in La Tagliatella, you can also go to La Embassy where you will find many different cuisines, such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Mexican, among others.

4 Enjoy the nightlife and popular venues

Salamanca has a world of social life, countless restaurants, places to drink, places to go after work such as Platea Madrid, private clubs such as Éccola, fashionable terraces such as El Patio del Fisgón and more!

We invite you to visit the Barrio de Salamanca, and if you fall in love, you can contact us to advise you on the search for a home in the area, we will gladly advise you.

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