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Home Staging: How to boost the sale of your house

In 2022, according to idealista studies, 55% of buyers in Madrid consider Home Staging as a fundamental hook in their interest in a property.

When you want to sell your apartment or your villa, you want it to be seen in full swing to attract potential buyers of the property as quickly as possible. What we are looking for is that when a potential buyer enters the house, they feel in a modern, comfortable and colorful home. This presentation of your property is essential to create a link with your potential buyers.

Remember that Home Staging is a visual way to advertise our property.

In the Spanish real estate market, up to 77% of the people surveyed appreciate Home Staging as it helps them visualize themselves in the home. In this article I would like to guide you in the world of Home Staging , and why at Geräh Real Estate Partners we consider it essential in your sales process, whether it is a flat or a villa, especially in the competitive world of the Spanish real estate market.

Home Staging is the art of decorating your property to highlight its attributes and help buyers imagine living in this home. If we do it right we can generate more contacts, more visits and more offers. Even raise the price a bit, since there are reports from 2021 that the houses could go up to 6% if applied correctly and in a well-planned way.

Never forget that photos create the emotional connection with the buyer . Therefore, for the photograph to be perfect, we need that what we are registering is clean, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing to show the potential of your apartment. It will not be worth the effort that we invest in Home Staging if we do not later do a professional real estate photography. If you want to read more about it, we leave you this other article on the 7 tips to photograph your property professionally .

Home Staging: Professional or done by me?

The good thing about Home Staging is that you don’t need a very high investment to enhance your home correctly. In Madrid, there are companies that can do the job for you with their own portfolio of furniture and decorations or with personalized orders. If you are ready to sell or have recently thought about doing so, you should keep in mind that Home Staging will always be a good investment since it requires between €500 and €1,400 on average. An investment that will prevent you from having to resort to lowering the price.

This investment does not end up being so impressive taking into account the amounts that are handled in the purchase and sale of real estate. It will also help you sell your home as quickly as possible and at a better price.

Decorate where it matters

In Home Staging you do not have to decorate every corner of the house since there are some rooms and spaces that are more important than others. We have to focus our attention and creativity on the rooms that have the most potential, such as the living room and the kitchen , since these rooms are fundamental in the decision of your buyer. Other important areas:

  • Main bedroom
  • Terrace
  • Dining room

Make a good first impression

From the moment the buyer enters the portal of your property, we must create a very positive impression. Create a pleasant environment with plants and colors that match and you will surely achieve it!

Integrating various plants into your Home Staging gives a feeling of freshness and nature. Keep the space simple but homey.

Depersonalize your house

After many years of experience in the Spanish real estate sector, at Geräh Real Estate Partners we have come across houses that are decorated by the owners with their furniture and decorations that they have had for a long time. This causes  the property to have the personality of the selling owner instead of being a blank canvas, ready to create the stories of the future owner who is going to buy it. We have to offer the buyer the feeling that it can be his new house and not give the feeling that it is the home of the current owner.

In short, while the house is less personalized, much better.

Start by removing photos and paintings from the walls. Keep clothes, suitcases and other objects out of the house or hidden in a place that cannot be seen. Clean the bathrooms of any products or toilet paper that may be there. Remove religious elements as buyers may not be of the same religion and want to adapt their home to their religion.

It may sound very tempting to save money and reuse our furniture, however, many of them are already used and a bit out of date. For this reason, we recommend organizing yourself well and acquiring modern and colored furniture that matches the house to give the feeling of a new home and thus connect with the house.

pick up and throw away

This part is quite simple and is linked to the next tip. Before putting our home on the market, we must give due time to garbage collection and deep cleaning. If we have things and objects that we do not want to throw away, we should store them in a storage room or in your own home in a good closet. You have to decide what to keep and what to throw away.

Deep cleaning

As I mentioned in the previous point, after removing all the objects that could get in the way, we must carry out a cleaning as deep as we have never done before. The house must be immaculate, almost like a hotel. In this way we welcome the buyer to a neat home to start their new stage.

We have to get into the corners that at other times we did not get into. We have to give a deep review to the bathroom and the kitchen specifically.


Before putting our house on the market we must give it a new coat of paint since in this way it will look fresher and brighter. Also, the smell of a freshly painted house gives the illusion of a new home. Imagine the smell of a new car, we look for that effect.

Depending on the space and furniture you use to decorate. You can play with using two paint colors for your home, thus giving it dynamism and modernity. For example: Using a light pastel color in the living room compared to the white house, giving it more harmony and visual pleasure.


Coming to the end of this article, we can assume that Home Staging is our ally, although it may cost you money, the return on investment will be very positive. To strengthen this point we can ask ourselves: What would sell better? An empty unfurnished house or a house decorated so that you can start living in your home?

Do you need advice on professional Home Staging ?

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