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How To find the best real estate agency in your neighborhood?

In 2018 I visited London and Miami. Like all trips, this one left me with many lessons. By exploring the British and American real estate market, I was able to experience how other estate agents in other countries worked and find out what was the basis of their success. I took note of what I could improve, adopt and apply with Geräh Real Estate Partners and thus improve my service in Madrid, Spain.

I made a list of the characteristics that differentiate good real estate agencies from the rest. Characteristics that as owners, investors, real estate agents and tenants will help you not to fall into the trap of poor service.

If you want to obtain a quality service, these are the requirements that an excellent Real Estate Agency in Madrid must meet:

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1 – Offer the best customer service

Customers must be served as quickly and courteously as possible. Evaluate the way they have treated you, if you feel a lack of cordiality it is better that you go to the next agency.

The Real Estate Agency must have:

  • Immediate telephone attention.
  • Quick response to customer emails.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Availability of schedules for visits.
  • Adequate advance notice if there is a delay.
  • Possess the complete information of the property.

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2 – Look for local references of the Agency

It’s true that today the best real estate agencies can develop powerful and effective marketing campaigns for a property located in any area of ​​Madrid. But definitely, the local knowledge of a certain market is still an important factor to take into account when choosing a Real Estate Agency.

The more clients each agent has, the less time they will have to take care of your property. It is recommended that the agent is in charge of 4 or maximum 5 homes.

A good real estate agency must select its portfolio of properties very well and cover only what it can attend to.

The ideal is to focus on a small portfolio of properties that are valued at a cost according to the market, and work to the maximum with marketing actions, to strive to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, and thus the owners feel satisfied.


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3 – Take a look their online precense

A real estate agency must currently have a website and a presence on social networks, in this way it will reach more people and thus sales will be more effective.

90% of transactions today begin on the internet,” say experts in the real estate sector.

The best real estate is the one that communicates with its followers on social networks and correctly promotes the properties. You should also have good content on your website about your services and a blog with interesting articles from the real estate world.

Do not be anchored to a traditional vision, currently agencies must be up to date, look at new market trends, invest in international real estate portals or good online marketing


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4 – Evaluate the exclusivity with which they will treat your case

Ask how they will handle your case.

Do they show you audiovisual material about each property and do they promise to do it for you if you sell your property with them?

Do you do professional photo shoots?

The best agencies understand the concept of exclusive treatment.

The information that an agency gives to a client can be as follows:

  • Make a good collection of housing data on the first visit.
  • Prepare a valuation report on the property.
  • Inform the seller how the buying-selling process will be.
  • Include the sale announcement in the different real estate portals, both national and international.
  • Keep the owner informed by submitting a monthly report with the results obtained.
  • Submit to the owner any offers, in writing and signed by the prospective buyer.

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5 – Professional advisers

It is important that you investigate what training the advisors who are going to manage the home have and if they have enough experience to carry out their work with professionalism.

6 – They must keep up

A good real estate agency must always be informed of the latest developments in the sector, trends and needs that customers demand.

You must be constantly updated on the laws that affect your field of work to advise your clients, implement new technologies in the work methodology and offer complementary services that provide comfort to owners and buyers.


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7 – Must have a legal advice department

The advisor’s work does not end at the time the offer is given, he must accompany the client until the notarial appointment. For this, you must provide the corresponding contracts and documentation, which must be prepared by an expert in real estate law.

When everything is done, sometimes things tend to get complicated due to paperwork issues, having the advice of a lawyer can prevent these situations and speed up the procedures.

This service offers tranquility and security to customers and is an extra point for a quality real estate.

8 – Results and references

If after having analyzed all these points you are still not so clear, you can ask the agency about their results obtained during the last year and the opinions of their clients, so you can know how their experience was and if they were satisfied.


We hope we have clarified your doubts so that you can choose the best real estate agency in Madrid, if you consider that Geräh Real Estate Partners meets your expectations and requirements, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to offer the best service and advice in Madrid

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