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Living in Torrelodones: one of the best towns on the outskirts of Madrid

Vivir en Torrelodones De los mejores Pueblos en las afueras de Madrid 2023 - Geräh Real Estate Portada

If you like to be surrounded by nature, have infinite options to eat, have houses with wide spaces, where crime is practically non-existent, then living in Torrelodones may be an option that interests you.

Torrelodones is known as a commuter town on the outskirts of Madrid, but also as one of the areas with the highest per capita income in the Madrid community. It has a very interesting real estate offer that we are going to analyze below.

We will get to know this town and we will give you a general, objective and easy-to-see vision of what life is like in Torrelodones, its day-to-day life, its services, its economy, the best areas, the type of housing, with the value and price of these for sale and rental.

Whether you own a home in Torrelodones, or want to buy, invest or rent. Keep reading until the end that you will surely know valuable information.

Living in Torrelodones One of the best Towns on the outskirts of Madrid 2023 - Geräh Real Estate

Analysis of the Inventory of properties for sale in Torrelodones

This indicator is one of the best to understand the evolution of prices in the real estate market. It shows you the behavior of supply and demand in a clear and simple way.

If you want to better understand this indicator, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where our CEO Gustavo Gerendas explains it to you in greater detail.

Here we see how the offer fell at the beginning of 2022, by the end of the same year, the number of homes available for sale on the market has almost doubled. Simply put, the supply has doubled.

It is very possible that in the coming quarters the price will continue to rise, but not abruptly because, as we will see below, Torrelodoles is still in demand.

Now let’s continue exploring what it is like to live in Torrelodones.

Inventory of available homes in Torrelodones - Data by Geräh Real Estate Partners Real estate analysis



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Living in Torrelodones

This town is located between Hoyo de Manzanares, Galapagar and the municipality of Las Rozas.

It has a population of almost 23,000 people, who are spread over different urbanizations.

Most of the people who live in Torrelodones work in the capital. Those who do not, mostly work in service areas such as the hospitality industry and also a significant amount telecommuting.

Torrelodones is largely surrounded by soils that are protected by environmental legislation, such as the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares regional park and the Curso Medio del Río Guadarrama regional park.

Doing a quick exploration, in Torrelodones there is a variety of very spacious apartment-type homes. The farms in the urban area do not exceed three floors, due to legislation on the environment.

Going a little further from the urban area, here we will find single-family homes and chalets of exclusive design as in the Las Marías or Los Robles urbanizations.

Those who live in Torrelodones seek to enjoy the advantages of living in the countryside. Although they work in Madrid, they are looking for a place to escape the crowds and find tranquility and comfort.

A good feature of Torrelodones is that it still retains its rural flavor and village lifestyle.

In short, it is a perfect place for those looking for a quiet place, with good weather almost all year round, beautiful infrastructures, services and shopping areas so that you save time on unnecessary trips to the capital.

Transport and communication routes in Torrelodones

Torrelodones is a beautiful town in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. It is located about 29 kilometers to the northwest. From Madrid it can be reached by the A6 motorway, it usually takes around 20 minutes, depending on traffic jams.

If your transportation option is public transport, there are five urban bus lines that easily connect you to the center of Madrid.

It also has two lines of night buses, known as “ owls ”. They are the N602 and the N904. So if you plan to make an overnight getaway, do it with confidence.

Health in Torrelodones

Hospitals such as the HM in Torrelodones, as well as the outpatient clinic, are equipped with the most modern health technologies and with qualified and human-quality personnel.

Of the Health Centers we can highlight the one located on Avenida de la Dehesa, they also have the option of Collado Villalba or Galapagar.

In the private part we have the Hospital de Madrid Torrelodones, located in the Los Bomberos area. 

Also, due to proximity, it is easier for some locals to approach the hospitals of Puerta de Hierro de Majadahonda or the Hospital de Collado Villalba.

The educational offer in Torrelodones

In Torrelodones the educational offer is very wide, but above all it stands out for its quality and prestige.

It has two public nursery schools and three public schools. For the private part, we also have nursery schools and four schools, including one for Waldorf pedagogy, Montessori, Colegio Los Sauces, Green Stone British International School and an international school with access to the University, the Dragon American School.

It goes without saying that the excellence of these schools will give them peace of mind and the certainty that their children will grow up surrounded by a natural environment and the countryside, with an education that will prepare them for today’s competitive world.

Life and commercial activity in Torrelodones

The economy of Torrelodones is basically concentrated in the construction, consumer services and tourism sectors, which is heavily focused on the hospitality industry. Because when it comes to food, in Torrelodones the offer is great and exquisite. 

As a town dedicated to tourism, its main attractions are La Atalaya, El Palacio Del Canto Del Pico and La Casa Verde, from where it is customary to celebrate weddings and parties.

Last but not least, the Casino Gran Madrid, one of the main attractions of the municipality. It averages half a million hits per year. The Verdecora and Espacio Torrelodones shopping centers have been built around it.

Types of houses to live in Torrelodones

Each residential area gives you incredible views, with green areas and full of life.

Torrelodones stands out for those who seek to surround themselves with nature and mountains and seek to live outside the city. 

The offers of single-family and large-sized homes are the type of homes that buyers are looking for the most.

Most of the homes are second-hand, although new construction has been reactivated, which is limited, in large part, by environmental regulations.

It is a municipality with high prices, but the offer of real estate in Torrelodones is wide and it is possible to find offers at reasonable prices.

If you are looking to invest in real estate in Madrid or in the periphery, ask us for free advice.

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The Best Areas to Live in Torrelodones

As always, the best areas to live in Torrelodones or any other municipality in Madrid will depend on many factors that you can only answer yourself. That is why we are going to give you a more global vision of which are the best areas of Torrelodones, so that you can choose which is the best for you. 

old town

In the Old Town there are rural-style single-family homes, apartment blocks and flats that do not exceed three floors. 

It is ideal for professionals who seek tranquility and independence and who like to live with all the services at street level and not depend on a car, having everything within reach.

This is where most of the apartments for rent are concentrated. If you are an owner, it is important that you know that the rent in Torrelodones has not fallen in a whole year, and it is likely that this trend will continue.

the oaks

It is one of the most exclusive residential areas of Torrelodones, where large families and real estate investors set their sights.

The properties are surrounded by green areas and with a privileged view of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

The houses on offer have bright spaces, spaciousness and good distribution inside (from 3 to 9 rooms) and panoramic views.

Los Angeles–Jarandilla

Very similar to the urbanizations of the old town, due to the proximity to services and quality communication systems.

But if there is one thing that stands out, it is that in Los Angeles it is more common to see homes that balance in harmony with natural spaces, for example, those with cobblestone facades, very traditional in town. Thanks to this, a rustic and cozy air is maintained that makes anyone fall in love.

The open-air recreation areas, the beautiful well-kept and sheltered gardens invite you to reside in this area if you have a family with small children, who, even if they are in school, are great for them because in Los Angeles there is a wide variety of educational offerings.

Types of houses: flats, duplexes, semi-detached houses and independent houses.

The Peñascales

Los Peñascales is a luxury area with beautiful ground floor homes, surrounded by pine trees.

This area is where hiking or mountain biking is done, since they communicate with the Sierra de Guadarrama.

The offer is mostly independent villas from 300  to 800  in size and plots of about 1,500  , all on average.

the berzosilla

Living in La Berzosilla can be attractive for families that demand space, silence and security.

Of course, it may be necessary to depend on private mobility to access services and commerce in the surrounding districts. If you have a car, great! You have direct access to the A6 motorway.

This favorite area offers a range of detached and semi-detached houses.

The prices according to the current market exceed 695,000 euros and can reach up to 1,790,000 euros. An investment that is certainly worth it!

the gasco

El Gasco has recently attracted attention for its renovated apartments, semi-detached or independent chalets. 

This area is ideal for professionals, families or couples looking for tranquility in the outskirts, but who still move around the center of Madrid, either for study or work.

Here are closed urbanizations with swimming pools, green areas and tennis courts.

In the case of flats, prices range from 200,000 euros to 280,000 euros. Chalets 500,000 euros on average.

A new construction villa in the current market can average around 760,000 euros.

The Marias

The most requested area of ​​Torrelodones and where there is little offer. Prices do not drop below 600,000 euros. 

This urbanization is characterized by the chalets of beautiful design and excellent distribution. The set of its facades is charming to look at.

Analysis of the Real Estate Market in Torrelodones

The evolution of prices for the purchase, sale and rental of homes in Torrelodones

Seeing the evolution of prices in Torrelodones is very interesting. It has had a very significant increase.

We went from €1,800/ m²  (January 2022) to around €2,500/  (November 2022), and in some parts like the Old Town, the average can reach €2,900/ 

But as you can see, its offer is very varied and so are its prices.

If you are an owner, take this into account and use it to your advantage when you go to market. 

Rental prices have had a constant rise for several quarters, especially for the Old Town, El Gasco and the Shopping Center. 

As usual, we recommend that you speak with a trusted real estate advisor before making any decisions.

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