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The 8 Most Asked Questions About Obtaining the Spanish Golden Visa

If you are a foreigner and you plan to invest in Spain, the Golden Visa will open the door to your new lifestyle.

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Law 14/2013 encourages foreign investment by non-European citizens because it makes it easier for them to obtain the Spanish Residence Permit (technical name of the Golden Visa) through significant capital investments.

However, the bureaucratic process can pose a challenge to those who do not know how to navigate it. We are aware several cases in which more time than necessary has been lost due to issues with red tape.

If you don’t want to waste your time, please take advantage of our book and a free online consultation where you can ask us all of your questions about obtaining the Spanish Golden Visa or the real estate sector.




We have helped several clients to take advantage of the Spanish Golden Visa and the 8 questions that they ask us the most are:


  1. What types of investment allow to obtain the Golden Visa in Spain?


Article 63 of Law 14/2013 indicates two large groups::

      Capital investment


  • 2 million euros in public debt.
  • 1 million euros in shares.
  • 1 million euros in investment funds.
  • 1 million euros in bank deposits.
  • 500,000 euros in real estate.


        Other types of investments


  • Creation of companies.
  • Highly qualified professionals.


  1. Can I apply for the Spanish Golden Visa by buying more than one property?


Yes. Article 64 of the aforementioned Law allows it to be applied whenever the total investment, in one or more properties, is equal to or greater than €500,000. For example, buying two for €250,000.


  1. Can I buy with charges or encumbrances?


Yes, but the 500,000 euros must be free of charges or encumbrances in Spain.

For example, if a property of 800,000 euros is purchased, 500,000 euros must be paid by the investor in liquid money and the other 300,000 euros can be obtained through a mortgage in Spain.



Another option would be for the investor to have a mortgage granted by their bank outside of Spain, ideally a bank with which they have been operating for years.


  1. Can I buy through a legal person?


Yes, point 3 of article 63 allows it. The foreign investor must demonstrate that he directly or indirectly owns the majority of its voting rights and has the power to appoint or dismiss the majority of the members of its administrative body.


  1. Does the Golden Visa allow me to move freely to other countries in the Shengen territory?


Yes, it allows driving throughout the Shengen area: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.


  1. Does the Golden Visa allow to work in Spain?


Si, según el artículo 65 de la Ley 14/2013, la concesión del visado de residencia para inversores permitirá residir y trabajar en España durante su vigencia.


  1. How long can I reside in Spain with the Golden Visa?

You can reside in Spain as long as the investment is maintained.


The first stage is to apply for the “residence visa”, described in articles 62 to 64 of Law 14/2013, which lasts 1 year.


The second stage is to apply for “the residence permit” described in article 66 of said Law, which will last for 2 years, and may be renewed in accordance with the provisions of article 67.


  1. How long does the procedure to obtain the Golden Visa take?


Article 76 of said Law establishes a maximum resolution term of twenty days from the filing of the application. From our experience, we know that in practice it takes about 25 days to complete the application process, and then, once granted, it takes an additional 25 days to obtain the identification document. In total, approximately 50 days.


In short, when you invest €500,000 or more in a property in Spain, you will receive a 1-year visa. During this first year, you must go to Spain to personally request your residence permit and identity document. The residence will last as long as you maintain your investment.


We invite you to book a free online appointment without commitment on the golden visa in Spain or leave your question in the comments. ¡Our mission is to help you! We will be happy to do it.




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