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The house in Hoyo de Manzanares. A simple Market Study

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A house in Hoyo de Manzanares. It’s a good option? If you are already an owner, you already know that the answer is yes.

If you are looking for a home with lighting, large spaces, nature around you and well connected to Madrid, keep reading, this will be of interest to you.

Hoyo de Manzanares is a city northwest of Madrid with excellent and varied housing options such as chalets and multi-story houses for sale and rent. If you like to live surrounded by nature, you are looking for tranquility and communication in Madrid, this is the place.

Analysis of the supply of homes for sale in Hoyo de Manzanares.

How we have seen and analyzed in other market studies such as in Torrelodones , Majadahonda or Boadilla del Monte ; teleworking, the pandemic, prices and the priorities of consumers choosing to be in areas with spacious, quiet homes and good communication with Madrid.

As we see in the graph, the homes in Hoyo de Manzanares that are for sale have had a significant increase during the last quarter of 2022.

Many owners in Hoyo de Manzanares have noticed the increase in the prices of their homes and have decided that it is time to sell.

Some more seasoned real estate investors, invested and remodeled their properties and sold them thus obtaining a higher profit margin.  
Graph for the Analysis of Evolution of the inventory of unique homes for sale in Hoyo de Manzanarez Madrid - Made by Geräh Real Estate

As a recommendation, we tell you that due to the increase in supply, we do not believe that the price of housing in Hoyo de Manzares will skyrocket even more by 2023. It will reach a peak where it will remain stable, also due to the high demand that is breathed on the market today.

We can say that if you own a home in Hoyo de Manzanares and decide to sell your home, you must carry out a market analysis and an exact valuation of the home by an expert.

We appraise, value your home and sell your home in record time

If everything is in order, you can sell your home in Hoyo de Manzanares without running the risk of the price falling, a situation that does not seem likely.

If you are a buyer and you are interested in living or owning a home in Hoyo de Manzanares, it is a good time to buy because as there is a greater offer, you will have more options in the market, something that you can use to your advantage to negotiate a more favorable price.

But since demand is still high, don’t expect to drop the price too much.

If you want to better understand this indicator, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where our CEO Gustavo Gerendas explains it to you in greater detail.

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Type of House in Hoyo de Manzanares.

The types of houses vary depending on the area. The chalets and houses with large plots are located in the most remote areas of the urban area.

The flats are grouped in small developments near the urban area of ​​the town.

We recommend to you and to all our readers that you go to its streets, take a walk and appreciate the scenery and fresh air.

The Price per m² of the house in Hoyo de Manzanares.

Prices vary for many reasons, but the average €/m² of a home in Hoyo de Manzanares is calculated between 2,323 and 2,350 €/m².

The 50m² apartments can have a price around €210,000 or €190,000. Those that exceed 100m² Prices can reach an average of €300,000

The prices of the Houses and Chalets in Hoyo de Manzanares vary a lot, both by the sector, the distribution of the home, the reform or the state of the work, among other variables.

But a villa with a finished reform will not lower you from an average of €500,000

The distribution of the house in Hoyo de Manzanares.

Hoyo de Manzanares has an origin that dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was a simple Villa. Therefore, their houses are built entirely of exposed granite, which gives them a rural appearance and is part of their architectural heritage.

Hoyo de Manzanares It has two urbanizations clearly separated from the urban area: Las Colinas and La Berzosa.

La Berzosa Urbanization

La Berzosa Urbanization is the urbanization of Hoyo de Manzanares where there are incredible houses and chalets with a modern design. It is also possible to find apartments of great amplitude and remarkable space.

It is directly connected to the countryside, which gives access to a large number of mountain routes with a beautiful natural landscape with the possibility of reaching towns such as Morarzalzal Collado Villalba.

The urbanization is completely integrated into the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares, a protected park.

Its transport network is made up of two bus lines, the 611a (Hoyo de Manzanares – Madrid > Por las Colinas and Las Matas) and the 611 (Hoyo de Manzanares – Madrid > Por la Berzosa).

Urbanization El Roquedal in Hoyo de Manzanares

The Roquedal urbanization is located between the La Berzosa Urbanization and the urban area of ​​the municipality.

In this place there are tennis, football and basketball courts for children to play. It also has an incredible common pool, in which there is a children’s area and another for the elderly.

It is one of the favorite places, by the inhabitants of Hoyo de manzanares

Its location is excellent and close to the town’s main bus stops.

Urbanization Las Colinas in Hoyo de Manzanares

The Las Colinas urbanization is located on the M-603, next to the Hoyo de Manzanares and Torrelodones highway .

In this urbanization, the houses that predominate are semi-detached, semi-detached or small independent chalets with gardens of various sizes.

Many villas in this area can easily arouse the envy of others, not only because of their size, design, beauty and because they can be anyone’s dream home.

This is a development to get away. Without any type of trade or store with the exception of the gas station that we mentioned before, so it is a very quiet place to live.

Madrileños and other autonomous communities usually have a home in Hoyo de Manzanares in this urbanization as a second residence or summer home.

Living in Hoyo de Manzanares.

Hoyo de Manzanares is a beautiful rural town in the Community of Madrid. With only 8,000 inhabitants, its architectural beauty and peaceful town, it is a place worth investing in.

At Geräh Real Estate Partners we know Hoyo de Manzares well, not only because of our work, but because we are proud residents of this town.

If you plan to sell your home in Hoyo de Manzanares, contact us. We appraise, value your home and sell it in record time at the best price.

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