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Top 10 Best Tips when Renting a Home

When you go to sign a rental contract, it never hurts to take precautions. At Geräh Real Estate Partners we want to give you several valuable tips to take into account when renting a home:

1 Study the rental prices in the area

You should be suspicious of those ads that offer prices below the area, it is important to check the cost of several rentals with similar characteristics on the same site.

2 Do not pay money without first having visited the house

You should never pay the owner money in a hurry. There is a chance that when visiting the apartment, you may find something totally different from what you saw in the photos or simply that the apartment does not exist. Remember not to give money or sign the contract without first having visited the property.

3 Check the Land Registry

Check the registry to verify that the owner of the home is who he claims to be. It is a simple procedure through the internet. It involves requesting a note that provides you with a brief description, owner, and charges, if any.

4 Make the deal personally

It is a way to avoid fraud. You must see the apartment with the owner or the real estate agency that is offering it and jointly sign the rental contract.

5 You must make the rental agreement in writing

When closing the deal with the person, it must be recorded in writing to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Each signing party should also keep a copy of the agreement in case of disputes over breaches.

6 Know your rights and obligations as a tenant

It is the best to prevent unfair clauses at the time of signing the contract, you must know your rights and obligations when renting that home and that these are reflected in the contract.

7 Double check the rental contract

Before signing, you must review all the conditions of the contract and if you have any doubts, ask and clarify them. Among the points that must be in the contract are: rent, duration of the contract, expenses to be paid, maintenance of the apartment, among others.

8 Deposit the bail by law

The lessor by law, once the contract is signed, must deposit the deposit requested from the tenant in the corresponding body. It is important that you know that the amount you are going to pay as a deposit must not exceed three months’ rent.

9 Keep a phone number of the owner

In any situation, you should have the owner’s phone number at hand. If something unforeseen arises in the house, you can call him and solve the situation.

10 Maintain a good relationship between tenant and landlord

Maintaining a good relationship with your landlord will lead to having a good lease agreement in place. Both of these things will give you peace of mind for a long time.

We hope these tips will be very useful to you and we invite you to contact us if you need real estate advice, at Geräh Real Estate Partners we are here to serve you.

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