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Guide to Las Rozas de Madrid before buying, selling or renting

Las Rozas de Madrid antes de comprar vender o alquilar

The municipality of Las Rozas de Madrid or simply Las Rozas, is one of the most interesting municipalities to buy, sell or rent a home in the Community of Madrid.

It was recently one of the destinations chosen by the gastronomic event to find the best hamburger in Spain, ‘The Champions Burger’.

The municipality has all the advantages of living in a small city, but maintaining the center of Madrid. It is recognized for its wide real estate offer and reputation for a quiet, safe area, with natural and urban spaces.

It is a friendly area for families with small children, the elderly, young people and couples.

In this guide we will get to know Las Rozas de Madrid and thus invest wisely before buying, selling or renting a home.

We will see:

  • How is your offer?
  • The price per square meter.
  • Is it better to sell or rent?
  • Why do you like Las Rozas so much?

The state of the supply of homes for sale in Las Rozas de Madrid

One of the best data to understand the behavior of a real estate market in a specific neighborhood, city or area, is to see the “Inventory of unique homes for sale”. 

In the following graph, of our authorship, we can see how the real estate supply of homes for sale throughout 2022 and increased to its peak in December 2022. A sample of the high prices that we saw during the past year.

By the end of the first quarter of 2023, the supply of homes for sale fell from 1,103 homes in December 2022, to 866 homes in March 2023. By April of this year, it decreased to 856 homes.

This is a sign that housing prices in Las Rozas for buying and selling real estate remain stable. Not many ups or downs.

According to the idealista portal, the price dropped a little from €3,141/m² in March to €3,122/m² in April 2023 in Las Rozas. 

If we detail it a bit, in a large part of the urbanizations of the municipality it has remained stable with a drop that does not usually exceed 0.5%. Unlike El Cantizal, where the price fell by 4%, from €3,717/m² in March to €3,567/m² in April.

One variable that cannot be ignored is the New Housing Law. It will be necessary to see what will be its effect on the market. So far it has thrown up a bit of uncertainty for both buyers, sellers and landlords. 

If you want to better understand this indicator, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where our CEO Gustavo Gerendas explains it to you in greater detail.

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Is it time to buy, sell or rent in Las Rozas de Madrid in 2023?

As always, it depends on your goals. Whether emotional, investment (long, short or medium term), profitability and economic situation.

“Carrying out transactions quickly is key right now.”

If you want or need to sell your home in Las Rozas, do not hesitate to contact us. At the moment we do not believe that the price is going to have a strong drop, but we do not believe that it will have incredible increases either. You could push the price up a bit, but not by much. What is certain is that they will not be able to pressure you to lower the price.

If, on the contrary, you want or need to buy , it may be a good time. A new increase in interest rates from the European Central Bank could happen, and that would make mortgages more expensive.

In this situation you could try to push the house price down, but don’t expect too much. Carrying out transactions quickly is key at this time

If you want to invest and rent a property , due to the low supply and how well connected it is in Madrid. Renting your home is very profitable, but it must be done with advice, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

We at Geräh Real Estate have Comprehensive Rental Management. A service with Guaranteed Income month by month, Non-payment insurance, 0% delinquency, selection of tenants, advice and protection against incidents and property damage. If you want to know more click here. 

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Las Rozas is a municipality with which it is easy to have that connection and desert those emotions of having always wanted to live there, but why?  

Now we will see why it is so popular.

Advantages of Living and investing if you are going to buy, sell or rent in Las Rozas de Madrid.

Las Rozas has a lower tax burden

Las Rozas is among the municipalities with the lowest tax pressure in Spain. The Institute of Economic Studies (IEE) presented a ranking of municipal fiscal competitiveness, presented this Thursday by the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE).

The study took into account municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, calculating the volume of taxes they charge their citizens. Las Rozas de Madrid in its top positions. 

“Las Rozas is among the municipalities with the lowest tax pressure in Spain”

The list of municipalities that charge their citizens the least taxes are Boadilla del Monte and Majadahonda, of whom we have spoken in other articles.

Its location close to Madrid 

Madrid is only 20 minutes from Las Rozas by car. By train it has a connection with lines C-3, C-7, C-8 and C-10. You have a variety of options with Madrid’s intercity transport through different routes.  

Las Rozas has an excellent road network, both for interurban and urban use.

business and commercial environment.

Las Rozas consists of an industrial estate, where we can find industrial buildings, shops and a business park with offices and different types of establishments and services.

Cheaper and more spacious homes.

We all know that housing prices decrease compared to areas of the capital Madrid, especially in the center. 

Well, Las Rozas de Madrid is no exception. It contains a good offer of houses, chalets, and bright apartments. 

Diversity of services

Las Rozas is a perfect municipality for families, older people, spaces for young people to do their activities, also for small children. 

“Las Rozas is a perfect municipality for families”

Therefore, it has all the services, such as: schools, nursery schools, restaurants, shopping centers, nightlife venues, sports facilities and natural spaces. 

Do you want to buy, sell or rent in Las Rozas de Madrid?

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