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Do You Plan to Live in the Puerta de Hierro Neighbourhood? Get to Know the Ins and Outs Here

If there is a neighborhood that Geräh Real Estate Partners can speak of with confidence, that is Puerta de Hierro, located in the great University City of Madrid.

Along with La Moraleja or La Finca, Puerta de Hierro is one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid. It has been a key point of residence for Madrid’s upper class. Concentrating around Miraflores street, there are numerous embassies, diplomatic residences, and homes of recognized faces of the Spanish social and business panorama.


It is an area with excellent transportation access to the main points of the city, such as Moncloa or Cuatro Caminos. It is ideal for people who want to be away from the bustle of urban life while only being a few kilometers from it.

It is an attractive area for family life, surrounded by green areas such as the Dehesa De la Villa and the Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro.

This fantastic area offers a wide range of homes, both chalets and flats, which attract new families to the neighborhood. If you are interested in moving to this neighborhood or if you want to sell your property, we can help you.

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From our experience, most of the new people arrive because they have a friend or family member living in Puerta de Hierro, although there are other inhabitants who come to live in the neighborhood because they marvel at its great benefits. Let’s see some of them:



Being a family area there is a wide range of educational centers, for the little ones the following stand out:


There are many notable restaurants such as Ros’Man and the fantastic Rincón de Vespok which boasts a beautiful terrace. Another restaurant that you cannot miss is Del Caz.

Comunications Channel

Puerta de Hierro Stands out for its outstanding access to public transportation. The neighborhood is only a few minutes from the M30, M40, A6, A1 and the Sor Ángela de la Cruz Tunnel that connects you with Paseo de la Castellana.

Madrid Barajas Airport is just over 15 minutes away by car, which makes it an attractive area for those who need to travel frequently.

The connections to the rest of the city continue with the 82 bus to Moncloa and the 64 to Cuatro Caminos particularly standing out. You can also enjoy the 137 that takes you in a few minutes to the Vaguada Shopping Center.

Our experience in Puerta de Hierro

Our team has specialized in Puerta de Hierro since 2015. If you want to buy, sell or manage your flat or villa in Puerta de Hierro, don’t hesitate to ask us about how we can help you.

100% of our clients recommend us. We invite you to take an online date or contáct with us, we will be happy to help you.

To finish this article, we will answer a frequently asked question among people who have a property in Puerta de Hierro or who are thinking of buying or renting a house:

Will the old Puerta de Hierro Hospital operate again?

In this impressive area is the famous Hospital Puerta de Hierro, which was inaugurated in 1964 and closed in 2007. It served as one of the four teaching hospitals of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Recently the general director of health infrastructure, Alejo Miranda, has announced that geotechnical studies have been carried out to assess the feasibility of the “reform project” that is planned for this hospital.

Their goal is to convert the old center into a medium and long-term hospital, with a capacity of 240 beds for patients, located within the capital where there is currently no hospital of this type.

A contest has been set aside for the drafting of the reform project for the Puerta de Hierro hospital (Moncloa).

What does the contest to rehabilitate the Puerta de Hierro Hospital consist of?

The designers and architects will be able to present their preliminary projects, and they will select between three and five that will go on to the final.

A jury of experts representing the Colleges of engineers and architects, Teleco, and health professionals from the Madrid Health Service, will choose which will be the finalist projects.

At the beginning of the contest, they will have a month and a half to present the preliminary projects. A first decision will be made with a jury phase, and five semifinalists will go on to the second phase.

When the Puerta de Hierro hospital is finished, it will follow the models set by other hospitals such as the Virgen de la Poveda, the Fuenfría Hospital and the Guadarrama Hospital.

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