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Living in the Ventas neighborhood in Madrid at a good price and good taste

Today we bring you one of the most attractive neighborhoods that offers affordable rental apartments in high demand in Madrid. In recent years, the Barrio de Ventas in Madrid has been an area of ​​expertise for Geräh Real Estate. We have seen our client base grow and we have also seen the standard of living of our clients grow.

The best of the Sales District in Madrid

Together with emblematic neighborhoods such as Goya and La Guindalera, Ventas is positioned for being one of the most privileged areas of Madrid due to its incredible cultural dynamism, national emblems and leisure opportunities . In recent years we have seen how this neighborhood located in the Ciudad Linear district has been growing and we are sure that it will continue to do so. This last point can be one of the most attractive indicators for both investors and tenants.

The Ventas neighborhood offers you a center-type experience

In Madrid it has always been thought that the closer you are to the center, the better the Madrid experience will be in its splendor. However, currently, we can see how Madrid has been expanding, both in terms of land and public transport. Due to this last point, Ventas is generating more and more interest in buyers and tenants, especially in the Manuel Becerra y Aledaños area, allowing for a downtown-type lifestyle in a much more affordable area.

Gastronomy, entertainment and leisure in the Sales neighborhood.

Perfect for both young and slightly older families. Its incredible variety of restaurants, museums, galleries, and shops make the Ventas neighborhood one of the dynamic areas where you can have a fun and enjoyable time.

Transportation in the Sales Quarter

You can find bus stops on all the main ones and on several secondary streets. Regarding the metro, it is an area with a variety of options. We have lines 2 and 5 with Ventas, lines 6 and 2 with Manuel Becerra and the Diego de Leon line a few meters away. In short, we can go anywhere from Ventas, and we can get to this neighborhood from anywhere.

Varieties of offers and types of housing in the Barrio de Ventas.

Ventas offers a wide range of homes such as penthouses, apartments and even chalets (although the latter are very rare) that attract new families to the neighborhood. If you are interested in moving to this neighborhood or if you want to sell your property we can help you.

If you are looking to move to a larger space, to a nicer area or just want to know options. At Gerah Real Estate we can help you find the best option in this neighborhood that we love so much.

To finish this article we will leave some questions that we are frequently asked about Sales and some curious facts about the area.

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How much does it cost to move to the Barrio de Ventas in Madrid?

This area is perfect to obtain a flat that is a little closer to the budget. I would lie to you if I told you that all prices are fair. But in the area you can get very luxurious apartments and space that can be high, and rightly so.

However, in general terms it is a perfect area to share with friends or for families looking to settle down. It has a fairly wide network of schools, including international or French schools. Public or private, there is a choice.

In the case of the luxury market, we can safely say that prices are competitive. Currently the most expensive neighborhood in terms of luxury and status is the Salamanca neighborhood, next to Puerta de Hierro or Pozuelo de Alarcón. For what Sales, it is clearly not the cheapest neighborhood but between luxury and price this area is one of the most attractive.

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Is it time to buy or sell in the 2022 Sales Neighborhood?

As I mentioned in previous articles, the answer varies with each profile, added to the long, short and medium-term objectives that the buyer or seller has, but with the following information that we will give you, you will have a little light to dispel those doubts about where you want to move or invest.

As you will see in the graph, the inventory of properties for sale in the Ciudad Lineal District (where the Ventas neighborhood is located) has been increasing in 2022, which indicates that as there is a lot of supply, prices will drop because demand does not cover supply, but by November we’re starting to see this indicator start to slow down, indicating that prices are going to come down a bit or stay the same across the district.

With this scenario, knowing what to do depends a lot on your short-, medium-, and long-term goals. A buyer could use this opportunity to negotiate a good price with the seller, but the seller can also push the bargain to his side and hope that demand increases. 

Ventas is a beautiful neighborhood that borders the Salamanca District, therefore it is very attractive whether you want to move, sell or buy to invest or rent. 

Inventory of properties for sale in the Ciudad Lineal district in Madrid Spain 2022 by Geräh Real Estate Partners

Written in Collaboration with Pablo Quintero

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