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What is IVIMA and what does it do? Useful for owners and tenants in Madrid

que es el ivima

If you are an owner, tenant or real estate agent residing in Madrid, surely you have had to do some procedure with  IVIMA or how it is known today:  Social Housing Agency of the Community of Madrid  (AGEVISMA).

If you are a real estate agent, you have had to register, if you are an owner, you have deposited the rental deposit with this entity, but let’s get straight to the point and answer all the key questions

What is IVIMA?

IVIMA is an organization that is in charge of different aspects related to housing, mainly the construction, purchase, sale, and rental of Officially Protected Housing (VPO) and any other procedure that has to do with housing. It also addresses organizational and functional demands in housing matters.

Currently, among the services and aid offered to homeowners in terms of rental, the following stand out:

  • Specialized, legal and tax advice.
  • Search and selection of tenants.
  • Preparation of the lease.
  • Preparation of housing inventory.
  • Mediation and support service, through a personal manager.
  • Hiring surety insurance.
  • Permanent monitoring of the contract, through a personal agenda service.
  • Specialized advice and professional support in disputes arising from the lease relationship.
  • Management of the deposit and return of the deposit in the Social Housing Agency of the Community of Madrid.

It can be seen that the IVIMA is of interest to both apartment owners, tenants or those who are thinking of renting a home. Both have services offered by this body. One of the best known is the Madrid Community Rent Plan.

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Rent Plan of the Community of Madrid

The Rent Plan is one of the services offered by the Community of Madrid to help both homeowners and tenants. This plan tries to connect available housing with those who are looking for a rental apartment.

It offers information on areas, prices, availability of housing, access, as well as public aid and advice for drawing up a lease.

What we have learned from the market: although the Rent Plan arises with good intentions to solve the rental problem, in practice it has proven to be very inefficient. 

Most important procedures in IVIMA

There are several procedures that we have to carry out if we are going to buy, sell, inherit or rent a home that are mandatory, such as the deposit of the rental deposit in the IVIMA

Comunidad de Madrid ¿cómo pagar la fianza de arrendamiento en el IVIMA?

If you are wondering how to deposit the deposit in the IVIMA, we recommend this article that may be of interest to you.

The best known procedures are:

  • rent reduction
  • Refund of the deposit
  • Change of Housing
  • works authorization
  • Damage claims
  • Change of Ownership
  • Transfer.

Among others

If you want advice or have a question about the IVIMA on the real estate market in Madrid, write to us and do not hesitate to contact us.

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Written in collaboration with Pablo Quintero


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