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Why should an individual always hire a real estate agency?

«If I publish my house on real estate portals and on social networks, why should I go to a real estate agency if I can do it myself?»


This is the question that many private individuals ask themselves and which leads them to sell or rent their home on their own, without fully understanding how the real estate market works and how it can negatively affect them.


As real estate professionals, we feel duty bound to help owners who are thinking of selling or renting on their own see how carrying out an operation of such magnitude without comprehensive advice can negatively affect them. Running the risk of making some mistakes that can lead to serious and costly consequences.


Some people overlook the market situation , which in the real estate sector is extremely local and can also vary significantly from month to month as you can see in this video that we prepared a while ago. A correct valuation of the property as well as a good marketing plan are vital elements for the success of the operation. And let’s not forget  the procedures and paperwork involved in sales or rental operations, which are the day-to-day of a real estate expert. You would be surprised at the number of cases we have known of people who lose significant amounts of money for not going well prepared to sign at the Notary.


So without further ado, we are going to give you 4 reasons why an individual should hire a real estate agency.

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4 Basic reasons to hire a real estate agency.

More than four basic reasons, there are advantages and benefits that owners obtain by having an expert real estate agent handling their case.

1. The advantage of having a representative who really knows the interests and needs of the owners.

During the whole process :

  • They will have advice during each step of the operation.
  • They will evaluate all those interested in the house.
  • They will take care of scheduling appointments.
  • They will do the task of receiving those interested in buying or renting the home.
  • A representation in all negotiations complying with the legislation at all times. Providing all the appropriate information, documents and contracts.
  • You will know that the whole process will flow in the best way for both the buyer and the seller. Each part fulfilling its objectives.
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2. You will have experience and knowledge to create the best price strategy for housing

If we misvalue the apartment or villa and give it a bad starting price, the house could be unsaleable and would help other similar houses with a better price to be sold. If a property is put up for sale and spends a lot of time on the market, the buyer will have more power in the negotiation. Let’s not forget the negative consequences in terms of mortgage loans either. Remember that if someone is interested in the house at a price that does not correspond and goes to the bank to request financing, the appraisal could be lower than the price of the house, throwing back the operation.

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3. You will improve the positioning of the sale and increase the value of your property

They will advise you to help you improve the conditions of the home for sale or rent, making it more attractive to future buyers or tenants.  With small tips you can improve the appearance, leaving it in the best conditions to teach it. And we only have one opportunity to create a good first impression.

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4. You will find the right buyer or tenant

You will have an excellent commercial strategy whose purpose is to attract that potential client, who adapts to the owner’s requests. This is our main job as real estate agents and what we at Geräh Real Estate Partners are experts in.

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Renting or selling a property is much more than just publishing it on a real estate portal. Real estate agencies understand each step and the logistical, legal and bureaucratic aspect that these operations carry out that most of the owners are unaware of. We know that in each of the steps to sell a house, the price of the property is at stake. That renting without doing a solvency analysis, and corroborating the authenticity of the documents delivered by the tenant, can lead to very expensive and serious legal problems in the future. We understand the movements of the real estate market better than anyone, not only at the national level in Spain, but also at the local and neighborhood level.

Having experts working for you is always a smart move.

Written in collaboration with Pablo Quintero

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